Sioux Falls Tornados - 24th of June 03

On the 24th of June 67 Tornados came through the Sioux Falls area. 
This broke the United States record for the number of tornados touching down in any 1 state in a 24hr period. 

The 4 photos below are of some tornados I got caught up in. 

One of the Tornados pictured below was less then 5 miles (8km) south of Sioux Falls. 

Another Tornados came down and land right on top and in front of me (in my 4 wheel drive) with NO warning. I was lucky enough to see it coming 10 seconds before it hit the ground, so I did the fastest U turn in history. My car sustained very minor damage with 100s of stone and hail chips from the 200Km/h+  winds. My car was blown completely from one side of the road off the other side. The accelerator was flat to the floor and pulled me out harms way . I think I broke the South Dakota land speed record to escape the edge of the tornado.  As I headed north along I29 (Interstate 29) the Tornado was moving north parallel with my car, only 1/4 of a mile from the freeway. To my "delight" it was actually heading towards the freeway at an angle. I ended up driving at more than 100 miles and hour (160km/h) to outrun the tornado. The Tornado was reported to be 1/4 mile wide at one stage as it headed towards Sioux Falls. This Tornado ended up going back into the clouds as it hit the edge of Sioux Falls. What a lucky day.  Click Here to see a map of  where the tornado went.  The "F0" tornado to the right of Tea near I29 was the one that hit my car.


        Statistics from the day

        Tornado Track Maps 













The Tornado Aftermath.

60 Meter power poles snapped off









The house below has no roof, internal walls, windows,  or back or side wall (out of view)



This was a house 5 minutes West of Sioux Falls



 The Tornado ripped through only 100 Meters away from my friends house. His neighbours house is no more.



Snapped Trees